Mobile App. Development

Means of communication:

Telephone, telegram, email, messenger are communicating one place to another place. It works like a nervous system. Day by day technology was increased. In previous year no more advanced technic are found people had used loose network ,but after year world are paced like audio playing sending and receiving text message from the transmitter to the receive and internet also in more demanding the advent of the internet took the communication sector by a storm . Connectivity, compatibility of the browser and the computer to the display are those things internet depending on them.

Mobile application and program

Apps are usually available through application distribution platform, which begin appearing in 2008 and are typically operated by the owner of the mobile operating system .such as Google play, window phone store, and app store and blackberry app world.

There are number of smart phone and device in the market, the operating system and platform vary from brand to brand. This implies that the technology used is also going to differ. If the business wants its application to be displayed on all the cell phone the application need to be compatible with the operating system and platform of those smartphone or application to be developed exclusively for every brand of the cell phone The application developer need to study the purpose of the application. The application developer needs to be adept at technology to be used for mobile application development too

On these day number of smartphone, tablet, laptop and other gadget user has grown so high that they need to be considered a different market segment no business can afford to negalate this market segment . If one business commits the blunder of not having a mobile application the other will try to take the best advantage of the situation