Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, shortly or commonly known as PPC. This is used to create visitors on your site by paying per click. In this method, a person has to pay for their website advertisement as per click or as per visitor. This is a best method to promote any website. Suppose you want 500 visitors on your site daily then it is compulsory to advertise. But if that advertise does not helps you to take visitors to your website then there is only loss of your money. Then PPC is better for you because it takes money only when you got a visitor. It does not take money when you do not get any visitor. That is why this is too popular and believable way with many profits.

Uses of PPC

Sometimes it is hard to find a product or something else online. So it is good for advertisers because they can put their message in front of those audiences who really need the thing and who actively searching about that product.
Search engines are also enabled by PPC. Search engines are more effective because an advertiser provides the details by their own revenue stream but a search engine provide the details in user based.
As we know it is good for searchers and they click on advertises more easily than other details. And it is also usable for people because ads are used to attract people and it also ensure us that we are not going wrong because the ads which are shown on the screen are highly relevant about what we are finding for and what do we need.
Many sites are using this feature to promote their sites and this is also used for making more visitors on any site.
It is a simple method that if more customers come on your shop means there is more popularity of your shop. As same, if many visitors visit on your website then its mean site is more popular.
How PPC works

PPC gives the top rank to any site by taking that URL at the top of page. Because when a person searches for first time then he or she opens first website that is given in the list. It’s common that he or she will open the first website of the search page. And here PPC makes the visitor by adding those sites at top. That is why searchers, advertisers and search engines all like the PPC for top ranking websites.