Website Maintenance

Web designing is a part of a designing websites for a multitude of science size and device, so that there is an optional experience for every user at every possible size.

Website Maintenance

Responsive web design is at its best when it’s device agnostic; where are not aiming to design for particular resolution for size, such as for iPhone and iPad size only. Instead we should be aiming to designing with the content and design in the mind and how this content flow and adapts to the various environments it might be seen or used in.

The challenges a responsive web brings

Working with responsive design isn’t without it challenges. First of all, there are such a multitude of devices and screen size that we have to cater for, from extra large to large screens, from small to mid (and everything in between) there’s a lot to think about, And, as I’m sure you already know being to developer, working with responsive web design from the technical side of things can also turn nightmoreish and be extremely difficult to handle.

Working with client and managing expectations

Think we as a designers and developer in such a fast paced industry, we get to work on some amazing projects and we are usually always getting to work at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. Working with responsive web design is just one of those exciting thing we get to do, but with that, comes a price.

Tips and techniques for RWD

It is very important to educate client and telling the stuff we might already known about responsive web design. Now for the nitty and gritty, where get to tell we the best ways to design responsive websites.