What is Open Source Software

In the world of today, the open source software are so popular because of its features. In open source software the codes are opened and anyone can use that. There you can make many corrections in software by yourself. You can also see the codes of software. As you can see that open source means a thing that’s sources are totally opened. Open source software can be modified any time. You can do these changes by yourself. You do not have need to download the whole software again and again for new features because new features can be added by plug-ins and extensions. This will not slow down your PC and never makes you discomfort by new features because you can add or remove any feature at any time. You just have to uninstall that extensions or plug-ins.

How open source software can be helpful

It can be helpful for those people who do not want to make load on their PC by adding a heavy application or software.
People do not have to need heavy data to upgrade software for every time when a new feature comes in market.
People can make changes in the software because all the codes are opened and can be used anytime so there is no need to take an advice from anyone.
It is hard but when you learn it, it becomes so easy as you can use it without making any mistake.
In modern days everyone needs to take a step forward so users want to take software that they can modify any time without the help of anyone. That is why mostly people want to take open source software.
Role of Open Source Software

Open Source software is playing a bold role in modern generation. Everyone likes it for its attractive features that help in creating and modifying any software. Everyone is in hurry so who will look for someone to fix their problem so they used their own mind to prevent their problem and this becomes easy by open source code. Suppose you need to add something whatever your software does not have yet. So what will you do? Of course you would like to add something to your software instead to change the whole software. That is why it is more important in the world of today to take open source software to make yourself upgrade.