Window App. Development

Now a day any kind of application can easily be develop. The development of technology it increasing demands of application and in these race window applications are in more paced.

When it come to mobile application development, we have three popular application i.e. Android, IOS and windows. The window application development is gradually capturing the market. The reason behind this trend is the growing number of window phone users owing to the features like Cortina. Window counterpart of the siri. So moreover window OS is user friendly.

Siri Cortina is favorite among in more users. Microsoft Cortina is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Microsoft for window phone 8, 1, Microsoft band and Window 10.In april 2014 first time at the Microsoft build developer conference in San Francisco .It has been launched as a key ingredient of Microsoft planned makeover of the future operating system for windows phone and windows.

Live tiles are a key part of the start screen and the modern experience of windows. Window live tiles are providing up-to-data content and notifications. When users can see updates and real time information for their apps it is all from their start screen.

Features of live tile:

Frequently updated content that makes users feel that your app is active, even when it is not running.
Personalized or tailored update that uses what you know about the use, such as interest that the user specifies through app settings.
Content that relevant to the user’s current context
Live Lock screen is one of the several features touted by Microsoft to drum up interest in window phone 8.1. Live Lock Screen offers several ways to revamp the screen as described by Microsoft. We can change the display of the date and time from among six different layouts. We can also choose from the variety of different wallpapers for our background image.

Window application hubs easily manage our from our smartphone with the help of Device Hubs. The hub control uses a hierarchical navigation pattern to support window stores apps. Hubs require a relationship between information architecture. In hub device pin a device to start screen to get easy to access all the apps that work with the device.